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All three notes have the special object in the bottom left.

This tells me the notes are intended to be read either bottom left to top right (starting with the object), or from top right to bottom left (ending with the object)


Okay, now I'm hooked. I struck out on the 3D glasses idea, but there's tons of stuff to consider now. Some observations:

We have:

- Green leaf with grey rectangle
- Yellow (or gold) feather with glass
- Green jewel (or gem or emerald) with vase

The leaf note contains 1 jewel and 2 feathers. The feather note contains 2 leaves and 4 jewels. The jewel note contains 4 leaves and 6 feathers. That probably means nothing, but there it is anyway.

The order in which the notes have been found may be meaningless -- maybe the feather was meant to be found first, or the jewel. Equally, maybe the leaf was intentionally set out first and then the person monitored social media until Mike found it, at which point he or she planted the others. We don't have enough information at this stage to say for sure, but it seems quite likely there'll be more of these, so we should soon have more data.

All three items on the page are rectangular: the vase and glass are vertical, the grey patch is horizontal. That last one is interesting -- the rectangle could just as easily have been placed vertically, so there may be a reason why it wasn't. All three items are colourless.

It would be interesting to see the envelopes in which these pages were enclosed -- were they standard letter envelopes,"report-card" style manila envelopes, Hallmark-card-type envelopes, etc.? I'm guessing they're not letter envelopes, because all three of these pages appear to have been folded in half, rather than in threes, which you'd expect with a standard envelope (and which you'd also expect if the folder were someone with office experience).

I keep coming back to those red and cyan paint drops on the leaf. They're not there for nothing. So far, those are the only instances of red and blue -- everything else is green, yellow (or gold), or colourless. They're such outliers (so far) that I have to think they're significant.

Whoever's putting all this together: well done.


Quick comment, based on the lack of repetition, I do not think the pictograms represent letters, I think they most likely represent individual words with the breaks being page or sentence breaks.


I gave up, but I may have gotten somewhere. I believe, that each letter is represented by two symbols alternating. In the pillow and leaf image, I believe that the bottom line says "A Pillow" and the top line says " I ALWAYS" , you can find the "LL" combination again on the third line. Perhaps the the alternative symbols are also connected, for example the green leaf and the apple both may stand for the letter A. The circle and triangle may also be connected etc...



I think there is an interesting connection between the objects and pictures of the three notes.

An object found with one note relates to the picture of another.

As found:
- Leaf/vine/plant with pillow
- Feather with glass
- Jewel/Crystal with vase

The pattern I see:
- Crystal glass
- Feather pillow
- Vine or plant in a vase

Somehow maybe it represents the order of the message?


Has anyone pursued any leads how this might be related to upcoming St. Patrick Day?

Those colours, orange and green, are in their flag.

Not sure if any of those other symbols might be related but it might be worth a shot.


I posted my transcriptions here:



An IKEA attempt at viral marketing? Glassware, tables, boxes?


I noticed that the large colored objects appear 6 times in the note


I suspect this a puzzle about math formulas for piping water and containment pressures.

I googled 000xyz and came to this site: http://books.google.ca/books?id=WD0vJwRj3yQC&pg=PA575&lpg=PA575&dq=000xyz&source=bl&ots=Cdu618iRV1&sig=OEHcO4EEaDfsWcRz6gSH2DyXwCs&hl=en&sa=X&ei=p5QwU92JL86CyAH9p4HgCw&ved=0CEAQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=000xyz&f=false

I see repeated in quite a few of the notes the same symbols in the same order. eg. triangle (delta?), two wavey lines (water?), and circle surrounded by 4 dots (pressure?)

Or am I just imagining this?

Let's Go Geocaching

Ask a Geocacher that loves to solve and create puzzles .... this is what they seem to be....


This site has the symbols. One of my grade eight students found it.http://eofdreams.com/

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