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David Sands

I'm not going to solve it, but I'll suggest a new rabbit hole you can look down: If the paint spots on the leaf are blue and red, together it comprises the R-G-B colour spectrum. The least elaborate of the symbols - the square and the triangle - were Compugraphic typesetting codes in the old phototypesetting days - pre-desktop - when R-G-B colour dominated the printing industry. (I forget what command they sent, and I seem to recall you needed more than one in a row to achieve a complex command.)Dingbats were rare fonts back then, but not unheard of (though those look weird, admittedly, for what was mostly a cartography application in the mid-80s).
One could also code-insert a grey box to bump the text over to leave space for a graphic, which had to be manually cut in later. (No such thing as scanners back then, or rather, phototypesetters could not incorporate images.)
As a one-time typesetter, obviously I'm seeing what I want to see -- but if that textbook you found it in has "A note on the type," you might find your font family there.
Glad I didn't find this note, it would drive me batty.


Have you looked at the sitemap for that blog? The first "about me" has this info:
identity. relation. independence. otherness. ambivalence. opposition. substitution. reciprocity. resemblance. dissimilarity. difference. diversity. agreement. model. imitation. innovation. variation.

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Alternatively, perhaps it doesn't mean anything at all? Someone I know worked with a man who was schizophrenic, and when he would not take his medication he would write notes that were symbols and pass them to people indicating "you know what this means". He would also have a tendency to associate colors with things. He collected purple objects of any kind and would give them to one of the receptionists again stating they would know the meaning. Maybe someone assumed it was a clear message, which in reality contains nothing?

C skelto

African violet leaf?


Looks like Unicode.

Here are some easy ones I found:
Yin Yang= 262F
Clover= 1F340
Bird= 1F426
Fire= 1F525
Anchor= 2693
Apple= 1F34F
Circle w Dot= 2686
Arrows= 26D7
Square Dot=26DA
Key= 1F511
Hand= 270B
pushpin= 1F4CC
Fish = 1F41F
Dotted Square = 2B1A
2 Arrows = 21C4
Circle = 25CB
Gem =1F48E
Right Arrow= 27B5

Convert the remaining hex to text. I'd keep going, but I have work to do ;)


It looks like the "secret messages" that my grade 2 daughter has several books on how to make and decode. I will ask her to get out her "Secret Messages" books and I will give you the title's and ask her if there is a key in one of her 4 or 5 "secret message" books that she loves to write notes to her friends from. The UV is not too CSI as she has UV ink that is invisible unless you have UV to light it up, which is attached to the pen lid (she has a dozen of them, as does her friends). The key is the object somehow, but I didn't read her books on it ... silly note passing by grade 2 girls isn't exactly a specialty, but I'll ask her to see if there is a very simple solution by a group of young ladies who does this as a hobby.


With over 40 characters we know it's not just simple letter replacement. That being said, we don't know that it's meant to be translated into English. If it is written in a language either accents that would add to the number of characters. Alternatively, it could be meant to be translated into a language like Mandarin or Japanese with each symbol representing a word or concept.


Could this be an "inside" job at Weldon? Are books signed out or traceable? Do messages appear to be newly made?

1st page pillow = sleep,ing
2nd page glass has something in it
3rd page glass is empty

Hieroglyphs from all over the world, religions,astrology,science, child like symbols.

Could this simply be someone's philosophy on life?
Could this be someone with too much time on their hands?
An Art/Archaelogy/Economics student?


Similar to another comment you received, I would think a scavenger hunt to find the ‘other pages’ may be interesting to see what you come up with. Perhaps needing to overlay to do symbol eliminations? Mind you the pages at first glance appear to have the same amount of symbols and lines but after checking, that is not the case. I’m sure you may have already calculated however in the event you haven’t - the number of lines and symbols on each line do not quite match up. In addition not all symbols appear on each page…
Feather page - has 11 lines, and the following symbols per line; 15,15,14,14,15,15,14,8,8,8,7 also this page has all symbols represented accept 3; the” flowchart diamond” shape (outline), the 2-way diagonal arrows and the “not equal to zero” (circle outline with diagonal line through it)
Jem in a Vase page - has 10 lines, and the following symbols per line; 15,15,15,14,15,14,9,8,8,8 also this page has all symbols represented accept 4; the “push pin”, the somewhat solid pyramid, the sword and the “wind” symbol
Leaf page - has 11 lines, and the following symbols per line; 14,14,15,14,14,14,14,7,7,7,7 also this page has all symbols represented accept 5; the Celtic knot, the solid radioactive symbol, the tree, the sword and the “wind” symbol
I call out the sword and wind symbol as they are the only 2 symbols missing on more than one page.
Not sure if any of this information is of assistance however I thought I would share in the event it sparks something.


I posted my transcriptions here:



Sorry to disappoint, but just a bunch of doodles if you ask me.

Fran Jajal

Tore your article from the London Free Press. Copied all the symbols and gave it to my 10 year old grandson. He studied the symbols and writes this, "I think that whoever wrote this is fighting pollution and animal killing and wants peace."
Kaeden Quinn Jajal, age 10
Clara Breton Primary School

Frances Quinn Jajal

After perusing your article, copying and studying the symbols, my take it that this person is very saddened by how we (the world as a whole) are handling the environment and not taking more responsibility. i.e. Mining run off polluting the water; effects everything in the environment: plant life, wildlife, us.


Hello, i'm not looking for any money! I just want to say i am a "gamer" not a video gamer. I play dingeons and dragons, white wolf, gurps, rifts... At my first glance they look like props from one of these games, i have seen people create incredible detail for these games... It is possible a student for got props after studding for class, roommate takes paper thinks it's school related and shoves it in a text book, book gets returned to libary props get lost! Also There is a system L.A.R.P, live action role play and in witch case thoes may have bwen left on purpas as a part of the adventure game, just a thought! Hope you solve it soon!

Frances Quinn Jajal

It's not the hundred dollars; it's all in the fun of it. Gets us thinking and talking and of course, we still have "THE SECRET." Keep us posted!


Can you post the other two sheets? Was there anything on the back of those?

James Woods

I don't think the symbols have indvidual meaning. They could represent numbers. The coloured values could represent breaks or decimals. Each character could have a value of one and when added up have a total value. For example, the feathered letter would be The jewelled letter would be The leaf, Would that have meaning to anyone?

Brian Aziz

Since we can rule out direct letter substitution and since not all the characters have obvious substitutions in the Unicode listings (like the UFO) and since these characters and the pictures in the corner of each page are well drawn we can infer that this is nothing more than 'art'. On the blog page it says 'This blog is empty', and the glass, vase and pillow are all empty. One of the meanings of empty is 'without meaning' which I believe describes the three pages found so far. The only thing keeping me curious is the microdot below the phrase 'This blog is empty'. It is a GIF called 'empty' and has a hyperlink to a script that won't activate when clicked. This is out of place and I suspect the owner of the blog has to be logged in to activate it which tells me that they are watching us. Also, if you view the source code for the blog page there is some sort of script or comment section near the bottom of the code that lists a numerical URL that leads nowhere (in any combination)and there is a time stamp that keeps updating itself to a time in the future. It currently reads '2014-03-13 15:54:28' which isn't for about 5 hours from the time of this writing.

user 45342

inside the javascript file for the site there are a couple things I've noticed. (I didn't or am going to read through it all) There is a lot of code involving rgb for no reason I could see, also toward the end there is a lot of MOKONO which is the only all caps thing in the document.



Ha-ha! Sorry to disappoint, but as a graduate of the Visual Arts program at Western, it looks to me as another ART PROJECT from the Art School. Someone is making these notes as "performance art" and is probably filming/ documenting their discovery and the publicity. Look for the artist :)


Thanks for your posts and suggestions, everyone! I've updated the blog to include what we know and don't know about these notes.


Using the blog name, I found the following webpage:
At the bottom of this page, there is a lot of code written, which isn't surprising as a possible interest of someone who leaves other coded notes around, no?
I have no name, but he is found in many Youtube videos too, so maybe someone will recognize him? *disclaimer- if this is the wrong guy and not a lead to the writer of the notes, sorry!*
Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJwVfEv5wfI


I don't have much time. In every single letter with a diamond as a symbol, the symbol of the diamond is right beside another diamond in all but 1 (note # 9 is the exception).

In every letter without the symbol of a diamond; none of the symbols of that letter appear side by side.


Ok, so I went to the blog, found a hidden image. Now the image is a broken link but the parent website is this -


The purpose of this advertising company is to create a viral ad campaign and I can tell you that they have succeeded.


Just a few thoughts on this:
1. the object included in the envelopes could represent the animal (feathers), plant (leaves) and mineral (stones) kingdoms, while the objects pictured on the pages are man-made
2. Number 17 (of which 68 is a multiple) was a symbol of bad luck for the Latin as it represented someone being dead (17 in Roman numerals, XVII, is an anagram of Vixi = I lived)
3. Some of the symbols used might relate to lost civilisations (hyerogliphs and other symbols that look a little like Mayan pictograms)
Also, maybe the authors of the books they were found in rather than the titles are relevant? One was written by an author called Soren like the philosopher Kierkegaard.


Because the symbols are identical, suggesting a font or font-like usage, hieroglyphics are unlikely. Hieroglyphics are contextual and meaning comes from arrangement as much as order. This could be a substitution, but not a simple one on one. Rather one of many symbols could represent an "a" depending on a key and how often it changes i.e. a polyalphabetic substitution but based.upon more than 26 letter/symbol equalities. The key could lie in the leaf/ feather etc. The colours emphasized in the notes match the objects: feather for feather, leaf for leaf. The gem matches the small green pillow and I assume it is some type of gem display object.
I believe it is a cipher and quite solvable with some effort.

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