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These two are identical to the other jewel and feather one you found with two differences:
* different colours
* The feather one seems to be laid out a little differently but the text is still the same.

Assuming the transcription here is correct, you are almost certainly dealing with an A-Za-z alphabet (base64?):


You might still have to find:
* Green (found), Orange (found), and Blue feather
* Green (found), Orange, and Blue (found) jewel
* Green (found), Orange, and Blue leaf


The text for the two feather pages is slightly different. Check the last line


Hmmm. Has anyone considered whether this could be the work of an MIT or other FIMS student(s)? Look up Ferdinand de Saussure or Roland Barthes, authors hugely studied in MIT. These notes look like they may be referencing the study of semiotics or the idea of "the sign" (which those MIT profs just drill into your head for four straight years.) It just wouldn't surprise me if this is all part of some subversive MIT student project! :)



This for some reason reminds me of the children's book "A Treasure Trove" by Michael Stadther
It was book filled with codes to locations for hidden tokens that could be redeemed for very expensive jeweled figurines of characters from the book.
The most expensive of the 12 jewels was found 20 miles from where I lived at the time!
I think the markings on the items somehow tell how to decode the message.

Shawn Patrick Grogan

A few thoughts I've not seen posted anywhere. Has anyone tried to discover who owns the blog? Then of course we are dealing with a message in English, otherwise the image searches would produce a different image first. Example: Oreiller (pillow in French) brings up a different image and so on.

Alberto Dominguez

is the gem only found in economic...and the feather only in climate change....please let me know...I think I know what it mean

tikoo mikul tuba

This language can be sourced to an existent universal language . there are 2 references : Tikoo's Page/ Rainbowgatherings and Weilgart/aUI .

The meanings of the symbols are such as Time, Space ,
Toward , Relates to ...etc . In these writings the author
presents the language as a meditational flow . I am not
familiar with all the symbols , yet may deduce the meanings
of most.

To translate these writings into English ? Ha ! It'd be
some wild tripped-out poetry . The symbols relate in order
one to another with some loopy spirals in there too .


There's a font called BigBlueDiamonds, but unfortunately, that's all I can tell you, because I've hit a wall in my decoding process. Although it almost seems like the person typed out, but then carefully copied, by hand, all the symbols they wanted very difficult to find a font that looks handwritten, with the left-slant and the pressure points with each change in direction, even if you do have various font-making software. Then, after carefully hand-writing everything, including going once over chosen symbols with colored ink (pearlized probably) they took it to a color photocopier.

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